Our Programs

Toddler Program

Designed for children age 18-30 months, our Montessori Toddler Program is the first step in your child’s educational journey. Through the Toddler Program your child will develop their language, cognitive, and gross and fine motor skills through activities that keep them engaged and stimulate their natural curiosities. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff create an environment designed to meet your child’s innate developmental needs while building a strong foundation in Montessori education. We help young children become independent, confident, social beings who are well-equipped to tackle life’s many challenges.

Casa Program

The Montessori Casa Program is for children aged 3-6 years and is designed to provide a strong educational foundation. Our classrooms are equipped with Montessori materials to facilitate a range of hands-on activities, delivering education in a diverse and engaging fashion. Our Casa Program teaches students the foundations of language, mathematics, culture, science, and French, and we strive to instill positive habits like self-regulation and personal responsibility. We work to make the most of these formative years, improving a child’s academic understanding but also working to produce independent, social, curious individuals with the capacity to think critically and intellectually.

Elementary Program

Our Elementary Program is designed for children in grades 1-5, allowing us to continue guiding our students through their formative years. Our program establishes a solid foundation in math and language skills and develops social and cultural knowledge that prepares students for the world ahead. We offer our students the freedom to work independently and in a manner that suits them, while conducting regular assessments and evaluations to monitor each student’s progress and ensure that each child is progressing at an appropriate pace. In this way, our Elementary Program creates a framework for students to develop responsibility and organizational skills, equipping them for the road ahead, academically and beyond.