The Montessori Philosophy

At the Montessori School of Milton we follow a child-centered philosophy and closely adhere to the Montessori method. Designed to allow the freedom for children to follow their natural impulses, medical doctor Maria Montessori dreamed of a child-centered learning environment designed to foster confidence, intelligence, and independence.

“An environment designed to meet the child’s need for self-construction and to reveal his/her personality and growth to us, so that we may assist him/her in the most appropriate manner.” – Maria Montessori

Montessori School Class

 Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide quality Montessori education, in an environment which caters to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being of the child. With this in mind we observe the needs of the children and aim to provide an environment for them, which will be individually tailored. Within this framework your child will explore, discover and grow.

Being supported in our mission by qualified and caring staff, we see ourselves as a community based facility, geared to support the development of the “whole child” and provide the children the independence to explore their prepared environment, to their full potential. We also see ourselves going down this path, hand in hand with the parents, whose input we value as the children progress.

The Foundation Of Our Philosophy

Our Montessori school follows Maria Montessori’s dream, a philosophy that rests upon six main pillars:

Children best absorb material when they have the freedom to move, explore, socialize, and make decisions. By granting our students the freedom and agency to make choices for themselves, they develop independence while furthering their education.

Structure & Order

Students thrive when their environment is logical and based on order. With this in mind, our educators offer varying levels of guidance to students based on their individual needs and development.


We nurture harmonious relationships between classmates, and between students and educators. Students thrive when they feel heard and respected, which is why our student-teacher and inter-student relationships are founded on mutual respect, resulting in a prime learning environment.

Nature & Reality

Montessori philosophy encourages valuing the importance of nature and acting as a keen observer of all that nature has to offer. Our curriculum is based in knowledge and reality, while we encourage development of imagination and creativity through art, drama, and music.

Social Environment

We encourage cooperation in our classrooms, with behaviour modifications driven by a philosophy of redirection and encouragement. Our school values a vertical-style age grouping to mimic a familial structure which allows younger children to look up to older children as role models, while older children develop empathy as they reinforce their academic skills. This social environment allows for each child to reach their potential at their own individual pace.

Academic Environment

Our child-centered learning environment divides our education into five areas of the academic environment:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Culture

Child-Centered Learning

In a child-centered learning environment, our focus is on the child’s learning rather than the teacher’s experience. This means that we base decisions around what’s best for your child’s growth and development, ensuring that their formative years are spent developing practical skills and emotional maturity alongside their academic education. Our education includes all styles of learning to meet your child’s needs – visual, spatial, kinesthetic, auditory, linguistic, intuitive, logical-mathematical, and musical. We foster an environment in which our students can be comfortable and secure, removing all barriers that may otherwise keep them from reaching their full educational potential.

We believe that an optimal learning environment:

● Is warm, caring, and inviting
● Involves teaches who are consistent, kind, respectful, & just
● Demonstrates cooperation & respect between parents and educators
● Meets every child’s individual needs
● Includes classroom expectations that are clear to the child
● Has a welcoming atmosphere in which each child feels like a worthwhile member of the group
● Contains equal opportunities for all.

What Our Families
Have To Say

“We are so grateful to have our son at the Montessori School of Milton and over the past 3 years he has been attending, we have been thrilled with his experience. The school fosters amazing kindness in it’s students, presents an unbelievable curriculum and provides such a warm, nurturing academic environment. Bravo to the wonderful owners and teachers for your 20 year milestone, we are so lucky to have you guiding our children. Bless you!”

– Cole, Jennifer & James Harding

What Our Families
Have To Say

Both our kids have been fortunate to attend MSM since the age 2, and we’ve never had to look anywhere else!  The teachers and staff at MSM are incredible, and truly care about the well-being of each child.  MSM’s personal academic approach, attention to each child’s strengths, needs and potential, and the spirit of team work and mutual respect, have all played an important part in our children’s development, and we trust that this will contribute to their success in the future.

Ragy and Iriny