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For 20 years we have been providing quality Montessori education to students in the Milton and surrounding areas.

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Top Quality Montessori Education

Families like yours have trusted The Montessori School of Milton with the academic and socio-emotional development of their children for the past twenty years. We’re proud to provide the Milton community with top-quality Montessori education and spread our passion for the Montessori method. Our child-centered philosophy helps children develop into remarkable young citizens who are ready to contribute to the community. At the Montessori School of Milton, the children we teach (and their families) become a part of our family and it’s been our privilege to play a part in their growth and success.

Our Role in the Milton Community

We have had our roots in the Milton community since opening in 2002. Our school on Bronte St. consists of approximately 10,000 square feet of school building and a 12,000 sq feet of playground and field. The rear of the school holds a lovely green space with beautiful cherry trees, giving the children a chance to explore nature and try their hand at gardening, or to simply have fun and make a mess!

We’re passionate about making a positive impact on our student’s lives and highly value their emotional, social, and academic growth. Our school educates children aged 18-months to 10 years, creating a prepared environment which caters to each child’s individual needs. We lay the framework within which your child will explore, discover, and grow! We’re proud to provide consistent, top-quality Montessori education year after year to the Milton community and the surrounding areas of Campbellville, Georgetown, Oakville, Halton Hills, Mississauga, and more.

Montessori School Class

Our Team is Our Family

Our carefully selected team of Montessori-trained educators and administrators are defined by their passion for supporting children. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share a common goal to deliver quality, engaging education to our students.

With minimal staff turnover, you can feel confident that your child is in good hands with our team of experienced and compassionate educators. Our consistent team is a testament to our smoothly running school, with satisfied staff and students alike. Thanks to the continuity provided by our dedicated staff, parents and students can establish lasting relationships with our educators. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to guide multiple sets of siblings through their early education, and to help them to grow as individuals. It’s important to us that our families feel comfortable and secure with the knowledge that their children and their siblings will grow under the watchful guidance of teachers they already know.

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More Than Just a Classroom

At the Montessori School of Milton, we provide our students with more than just academic curriculum. In an effort to produce well-rounded and versatile individuals, our students are exposed to a diverse range of activities that help them to grow their interests and determine their passions.

Among our additional offerings are:

  • French education
  • Physical education
  • Music
  • Summer camps
  • Trips and excursions 

Each week, a specialist teacher joins our Toddler, Casa, and Elementary Programs to perform live, teach vocal and instrumental music, and diversify the learning experience. With the Montessori School of Milton your child receives not just an education, but an experience. Here your child can explore, discover, and grow.

Our summer camps operate right out of our home facility, so children can feel comfortable and at-ease. We provide fun, engaging programming so that your child has a blast, while still working to develop their skills! With tons of outdoor activities in our 12,000 square foot playground, upbeat physical games, creative tasks and team-based activities, your child will remain happy and healthy as they work to build their personal and social skill sets.

One of the things our students love about life here at the Montessori School of Milton is lunch! We provide our students with a warm lunch prepared right here in the school, eliminating the need to worry about your child’s daily nutrition. We recognize that proper nutrition is a critical factor in fueling thought and creativity in youth, and for this reason our chef only prepares allergy conscious, nutrient-rich, tasty warm lunches that provide your child with the sustenance needed to excel. Lunch should not be an obstacle to education, and with our lunch program we guarantee that our students have full bellies and smiling faces.


A Brief Look at Our Programs

Toddler Program

Designed for children age 18-30 months, our Montessori Toddler Program is the first step in your child’s educational journey.

Casa Program

The Montessori Casa Program is for children aged 3-6 years and is designed to provide a strong educational foundation.

Elementary Program

The Elementary Program is designed for children in grades 1-5, allowing us to continue guiding our students through their formative years.

What Our Families Have To Say

“I feel that my words would not do justice to the amount of praise I have for this school. After three years of struggling with trying to make my eldest daughter up to par academically and doing hours of research on which school would be the best fit for my daughter, I came across Montessori School of Milton. From the moment I stepped into the school for my initial walk through of the school and till this date, I have always felt a wave of warmth, love and a passion for the best interest of children in the school staff and the walls of the school.

I have all three of my children in the school and have not once regretted my decision to put them in the school. The staff has a passion for teaching and along with providing quality education, the teachers work in making sure that each student becomes a well-rounded individual.

The administrators, Mr. Q and Ms. Salma both are experienced and loving human beings who are always looking out for the children and treat each one of the children in school as one of their own. I would strongly recommend Montessori School of Milton to everyone.”

– The Waqas Family

“Enrolling my son at the Montessori School of Milton was the best decision ever. This Montessori is second to none. It’s a ‘one big happy family’ kind of feeling. It’s an amazing school with the best teachers, amazing owners and great philosophy. The teachers, admin and all other faculty are extremely caring, understanding, accommodating and supportive. My son is in love with the school and very attached to all the teachers. He doesn’t like to miss a day of school so that says a lot! If he had a choice, he would go on weekends too.

The curriculum is well balanced and customized to each child’s needs allowing students to move at the pace that will best help them reach their potential, French is introduced at a young age and my son simply loves learning a new language. The many other activities like school trips, music, poetry recitals, projects, presentations, planting, end-of-year concerts etc. all aid in the child’s development and are very well managed. Hats off to the Montessori on how well they managed COVID protocols. They left no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and well being of all kids.

Hands downs this is Milton’s best Montessori and my son is extremely fortunate to have had an exhilarating kick start to his school years!!”

– Shelley G