Elementary Program

The Montessori School of Milton’s Elementary Program is designed to encourage your child to function independently and think critically. We hold our elementary students to high academic standards to define a habit of determination and motivation, while providing clearly defined expectations for our students to work toward. While each child progresses at their own individual pace, we nurture intellectual thinking in all and adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement for all of our students as individuals.

Our Elementary Program is for children in grades 1-5 and works to instill a solid understanding of academic concepts through a range of teaching methods. We employ techniques that benefit each child’s individual learning style, which develops adaptability and versatility in our students. Our program goes beyond a typical academic curriculum to facilitate personal growth within our students. We’re passionate about supporting children as they engage and interact with their peers and the world around them in a manner that exhibits global citizenship and fosters a sense of respect and personal responsibility. Some of the extra curricular programs that the children have participated in are MMUN [Montessori Model UN], JUMP [Wilfred Laurier], Spelling Bee, etc.

Our Education Program teachers are experienced, knowledgeable educators. At the Montessori School of Milton, we’re proud to boast a team of educators who are wholeheartedly dedicated to students’ progress and wellbeing, with the ability to expertly balance the complexities of raising strong and respectful citizens alongside the challenges that accompany academic growth in this age group. We work to support and engage each individual student, taking their needs and interests into account to build a tailored experience that works for your child. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment of mutual respect, so that each student feels heard and comfortable and can focus on their education without experiencing barriers.

What Our Families Have To Say

“We cannot say enough good things about our daughter’s second family – Montessori School of Milton. From the very beginning, our daughter was welcomed with compassion and love, into a wonderful environment conducive to learning for both educational and social aspects. The school has high standards of teaching, and you can see this in the progression my daughter has made throughout her years at MSM. The staff goes above and beyond to make the school a wonderful place for children to thrive.”

– The Siabanis Family

elementary program
elementary program

Objectives of the Elementary Program

Our Elementary Program’s curriculum is largely delivered to students via lessons given to small groups or individuals, allowing us to address our students’ diverse needs, interests, and skill levels. We track our students’ progress through regular assessments and evaluations to ensure our students remain challenged and engaged.

The Montessori Elementary Program is designed to develop your child’s understanding of foundational academic concepts while nurturing the soft skills that lead to functional, responsible, well-rounded citizens. 


We instill concepts that aid our students as they navigate their remaining studies and beyond, with a curriculum that includes:


Reading, writing, speaking, grammar, literature, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, self-expression, discussion, creative writing.


Numeration, place value, operations, fractions, measurement, time, currency, decimals, algebra, multiplication and division, exponents, percentages, patterns, graphs, data analysis, probability, geometry, problem solving.


Arts, music, tradition, linguistics, science, technology, cuisine.

History & Geography

Earth’s physical characteristics, rock formations, natural cycles, understanding time, early humanity, ancient civilizations, Canadian history, forms of government.


Botany, zoological classification, cell structure, ecosystems, organisms, life forms, sustainability.

Physics & Chemistry

Light, magnetism, electricity, circuits, machines, optics, matter, organics, waves, molecules, atoms.

Solar system, planets, orbiting, space travel.
Visual Arts

Multi-media, drawing, painting, sculpture, crafting, imagination, creativity, line and movement.

Social & Environmental Awareness

Global citizenship education, tolerance, current events, recycling, composting, nature, ecology, conservation, pollution.


Reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, culture.

Physical Education

Fitness, self-image, teamwork, sportsmanship, coordination, health, goal setting, competitive spirit.


Reading sheet music, composition, performance, pitch, rhythm, beat, vocals, instrumentals, key, history, and composers.

Leadership & Community Service

Community engagement, outreach experiences, leadership qualities, responsibility, citizenship,

Our Montessori Elementary Program is designed to help your child navigate the foundational academic concepts that spark their curiosity while nurturing their soft skills. We work with parents to develop a lasting love of learning that will remain with your child throughout their life.