It’s official: back-to-school season is here! The return to classrooms tends to conjure up a lot of excitement, but it can bring its fair share of anxieties as well.

To help you and your children ease back into a school routine, we’ve put together a small list of tips and tricks to help with the transition. This year especially students and parents may be experiencing hesitations around heading back into the classroom, which is why we’re prepared to offer extra resources and support to make this year a great one!

It’s All About Attitude

Remaining positive and excited about the school year and the changes it’ll bring is important as a parent, since children can be very adept at noticing emotions and will often adopt the attitudes of their parents. Discussing the exciting aspects of the back-to-school season and keeping a positive demeanor does wonders in helping your children to relax and look forward to furthering their education.

However, parents should also try to be realistic within their positivity. This year more than most, back-to-school represents changing routines and new adjustments for your child to make. This can be daunting, and it’s important to address these challenges with your children. Being realistic about challenges ahead helps your children to anticipate hurdles and prepare themselves. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout these discussions will go a long way in helping to put your child’s mind at ease, even given those anticipated changes.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

While parents are often very in-tune with their children and the goings-on in their lives, you can never be truly certain without having an open conversation. Check in with your children from time to time and let them know that you’re there should they ever need to talk. Fostering open communication between yourself and your children helps everyone’s wellbeing, both now and in the future!

What’s more, maintaining healthy communication with your children’s instructors can help you to keep tabs on things and ensure that your little ones aren’t experiencing trouble. Inform your child’s teachers if there’s anything they should know in order to deliver the best classroom experience, and of course, our staff will communicate with you right away if they notice anything off that they’d like to discuss with you. 

Pay Attention to Wellness

Mental and physical health are the foundation upon which your child can learn and grow. When their wellness suffers, so too does their education. 

Physical health is on everyone’s radar, with COVID news ever-changing and constant regulations to keep up with. The Montessori School of Milton takes these precautions very seriously, and we do everything possible to keep our staff, students, and families safe. Should your child experience any symptoms, please follow all guidelines and act accordingly to protect the health of those in our community.

Look After Yourself, Too

Back-to-school can be stressful for parents as well, especially with this year’s added complexities. In order to best help your children and provide them with the support they need, it’s important that you look after yourself as well! Parents often neglect their needs in the name of their children, but the reality is, you are the best parent when your needs are fulfilled. Take the time required to look after yourself, and your children will reap the benefits alongside you!

If you’re in need of more information regarding the back-to-school transition and helping your child to feel at ease, please reach out to us to discuss your concerns. We’re dedicated to providing a healthy and positive environment in which your children can grow and learn, and any information that can help us to do that is information worth knowing!