Twenty years ago, the Montessori School of Milton opened its doors for the very first time. At that time however the doors doubled as church doors, as the school first began within the Baptist Church on Nipissing. Since then, the Montessori School of Milton has made remarkable leaps forward. They have successfully grown their student base and staff, relocated to a larger facility, further developed their Montessori philosophy, and fostered a close connection to the surrounding community. 

As students prepare to enter into the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, it’s a wonderful time to reflect upon where the school started, and the progress that has been achieved to date. Let’s take a look into the story of the Montessori School of Milton, and what makes it a shining star in the Milton community.

What Sets the Montessori School of Milton Apart?

The Montessori School of Milton is founded on the basis of care and compassion. The program is run by passionate and experienced Montessori educators who are dedicated to providing quality education designed to shape young citizens. The school began twenty years ago out of a desire to spread the Montessori philosophy and help to educate young minds in the community.

The team at Montessori School of Milton know very well the individual nature of students, which is the focal point of the school’s approach. The Montessori School of Milton prides itself on the ability to help all children grow in a manner that is conducive to their unique learning style, a value very important to the Montessori method. According to the school’s founders, “it’s really important to see a child as a individual, because no two children are the same, which is why the Montessori program works–—we can’t just put all four-year-old children under the same umbrella.”

Not only do children receive the care they require to thrive academically and as young citizens, but the facilities at the Montessori School of Milton help to eliminate any potential barriers to learning that children sometimes face. With a 14,000 square foot playground the children have more than enough space to play and release energy, allowing them to better focus within the classroom. Students are kept well-nourished through the school’s warm lunch program, ensuring that no child needs to worry about going hungry. In fact, the chef even shares the children’s favourite recipes, which the children have used to create a recipe book to bring home to their parents!

What’s Next for the School?

The Montessori School of Milton is constantly evaluating their practices and making regular changes to the program and curriculum to benefit the children. They are continually evolving year-to-year, adding new activities to best keep students active and engaged and to keep the learning process fresh for educators and students alike.

Over the past twenty years the Montessori School of Milton has streamlined their approach. With a strong child-first approach as the foundation of their educational strategy and a team of passionate educators, the school’s constant self-evaluation and willingness to take on new and exciting projects makes for a very bright future moving forward!

Leaving a Legacy

With twenty years under their belt, the Montessori School of Milton is beginning to see exciting paths form for their proud alumni. The very first students to move through the program are now adults themselves, tackling the challenges of college and university, entering the workforce, and starting their own families. Long-time staff members have even experienced graduated students returning to express their thanks, and exclaiming “my kids have to come here!”

The school is proud to develop lasting relationships with its staff, students, and families alike. With very little staff turnover, it’s not uncommon for multiple children from the same family to thrive under the caring guidance of the same educators as their siblings, allowing teachers to form stronger relationships with students and their families. Parents feel comfortable leaving their children in trusted hands, knowing that they’re safe and secure with their second family.

The Montessori School of Milton began as a dream which, over the past twenty years, has evolved into a reality that nobody ever could have imagined. They will continue to follow their dream to provide quality education in a forward-thinking environment to foster the next generation of young minds. Milton and the surrounding areas are lucky to have this little gem in their community and are very excited to see what milestones the school achieves in the coming twenty years!