Enrolment is open to 18 months to 3 years in the Toddler Program, 3 to 6 years in the Casa Program (must be toilet trained) and 5+ to 9+ in the Elementary Program.


One month written notice is required or one month’s fee in lieu thereof, in order to withdraw a child from the program. If there is any reason the school feels that the program is not suitable for the child, the school reserves the right to request the child’s withdrawal.


If your child is absent for any length of time (holidays, sickness, etc.) the child’s place is held under the condition that the fees are paid for that period.

Late Pick-Up

Please inform the school if a late pick-up is to occur. If any other person other than the designated one is picking up the child, we need to be advised in advance and a picture I.D. will be required.

Policy on Toys

No toys from home.

Policy on Medication

The school requires a written permission from the parents in order to administer any medication. This medication has to be in its original box with the expiry date and the child’s name on its label and is to be handed over to the staff. If a child has a fever or any signs of illness, the parents will be notified and we will then require the child to be picked up.

Clothes & Bedding

A spare pair of labeled clothing, a pair of inside shoes, labeled sunscreen (for all), diapers, nappy rash cream (for toddlers), a small blanket and pillow (for sleepers), is to be sent by the parents.


The school observes the Statutory holidays, March break, Winter break and some P.D Days.